I shall mostly be writing from my green bedroom… with timtams by my side.



As i reluctantly write this post i can think about nothing else then how i would rather be baking in the brisbane sunny or dancing on the GC.

I’ve spent the last week in QLD for uni games and it was fkn fantastic full of fun, memories, dramas and joys ! I didnt play because i went up woth monash even though i go to RMIT so that was a bit of a bummer standing on the sideline watching the girls touch each other 😉 not what you think touch rugby was the sport i managed up there. For a week i forgot about basically everything other than having fun and getting pissed drunk. Now its over, ive returned to work and started again on uni work and im suffering from a serious case of PUGD (post uni games depression). I cant wait until uni is over so i can get back to that fun but until then i will continue to wallow in melancholy and hope i dont fail any subjects.

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