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In the last unlecture adrian spoke about games as being the largest entertainment industry in the world which surprised me as i thought music would’ve been. With that being said one of the most anticipated games was coincidently released a few days later. Yes, the long awaited GTA V from Rockstar games and boy has it come along way since those brick like moving things on PS1. Now im no “gamer” but you dont need to know one to realize how fucking fantastic this game is and why its now a billion dollar empire. And GTA for sure has a narrative, a violent, ill

egal and entertaining one. In fact the narrative is one of the great features of the game with a comprehensive storyline and clips throughout that if missed would leave gaps in your knowledge about the game and missions. But yet theres still that nagging notion of not winning stories.. but completing them and this is the premises of the game because throughout all the GTA games that i play i dont quite recall seeing the word Win/Won on the screen or myself saying that. The words were mostly completed,pass or clocked. That is the reality of most modern day games (which are more like movies), its about completed, playing out the narrative and not necessarily winning.

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