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unlecture 6.0

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I swear i was taking notes in the lecture but i cant seem to find the file and so im just gonna wing this one cause i have like the memory of a goldfish. Okiee so the take away idea or point was something along the lines of not being able to read an authors mind completely. Which is quite valid because when a text is analysed we regularly use phrases like blah blahs point is or blah blah is trying to say but wrong its what you think blah blah is saying? do you understand what im saying ?? well technically no probably not just to prove my point LOL. Well i guess in that case texts are interpretations, “instructions” all most for how an author wants or tries to shape the way you are consume the medium. You cannot simply through reading and exploring a text enter the mind and thoughts of its author. You can interpret different versions of it however.

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