true to form, reflection #7

Test Shoots 

On Monday night, Brendan and I headed over to our two most important locations (the backyard and the telephone booth) to suss out the space and practice possible framing. I call these locations our most important because they belong to the scenes that will take the most time to shoot AND they’re the most integral to the overall piece.

Seeing the locations in person opened up a Pandora’s Box of new ideas and has morphed the Dinner Scene into something that is quite different and special… Basically, we found an old stereo in the Gazebo of the backyard and added a dance scene – what is a visual film without a dance scene anyway? The Gazebo itself is pretty rundown and ugly, but hopefully with a few fairy lights and the addition of a new table, it turns up well on screen.

As for the telephone box, we realised that it looks most striking when the lights from the Milk Bar behind it are switched on (Photo 4) – unluckily enough for us, they close at 8:30pm so we’ll have to see if we can either have our scene finished in time or ask them to leave them on a little while longer… I also love the way that the light from inside the booth creates a reflection on the surrounding glass. This will work well with the implementation of our purple-covered LED lights.

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