Something very interesting we discussed in class this week was the whole idea of copyright. In terms of media that is in print, recorded etc – it’s fairly easy to distinguish what belongs to who. However, the world wide web is a completely different story. It’s made it extremely difficult to determine what belongs to who.

This whole issue is particularly relevant to our blogs. It’s important to note that when an individual creates their own blog, they are creating material that is copyrighted to them. The Copyright Act of 1968 states that protection is automatic and that it protects literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works as well as films, sound recordings, broadcasts and published editions.

Thus, for me and all other students, we need to be aware that what we find on the internet is most likely copyrighted. Therefore, it is pivotal that we as media students seek ways to obtain permission if we wish to use protected works on our blogs.

In saying this, things like facts and ideas are generally fine to report.