This weeks talk about Copyright and the discussion in class has got me thinking about copyright and how it is applicable to me in my everyday life. One of my many jobs is working as a media consultant at BMW financial services in Mulgrave, which is the head office for Australia. As outside contractors, my partner Brent Tebbutt and I work with the HR team to create various videos for their induction processes as well as for general use to promote their corporate culture and sales processes. One of the obstacles we face in our line of work is copyright with music. As BMW is a very well known brand, we have to be extremely careful in terms of what music we use and how we source it. One prime instance where this was an issue was when we were shooting a video promoting the mentor program that operates within BMW Financial Services. We wanted a nice smooth tune to go with our piece, and immediately thought the song “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous would best suit our video. However, we couldn’t get onto their team as much as we tried. Thus, we therefore settled for the song “I’m Home” by the Lyke Giants, a band that is easy to communicate with via their details left on the Triple J site. I thought this was an interesting experience that related directly to discussions in the symposium and in class.