International job seminar 4

As the date of seminar getting closer, we started promotion on facebook and putting out our poster in university. Most of the posters are at each level in Building 9, but we also put 2 at library and building 80. Some of the poster disappears when the night came. And we can’t afford to print a lot of big size poster so we just keep the spare posters to seminar.

In stead of, we try to share social media page as broad as possible.  We invited all of our facebook friend to join the event. And share the page and event to variant group outside school. We also ask our friend to come. We were worry about it is week 11, everyone has a lot of work need to do and they can’t be bothered to come to our seminar. But as we put a lot effort on facebook, we end up with about 30 people(not include crew) and we were quite happy about the result.

I was in charge in decoration, and camera operator. We check the room 2 on Wednesday and decide to put the flags at back of the interview setting and the pathway.

We assumed that we will have 3 video cameras, and one extra DSLR for photography. But the fact is every group only allowed to book 2 camera. And we didn’t find out this thing until the date of seminar. But we were lucky that we used to plan about use only 2 camera. We just use one camera for long shot and another one for close-up. I asked my friend brought me my camera so we also  have some footage of the hosts.



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The whole seminar went really well, one of the most important thing I have learnt from this event is teamwork. This is not my first time working in a event like this, but it is best team I ever work with until now. Of course we have problems sometime, but we all willing to solve problem and to trust and  help each other.