A man sits at a table in a restaurant and asks the waiter to describe to him the taste of beef. The waiter responds by calling him an absolute moron and shoving a delicious cold cut into the patron’s mouth. 

I suppose the best way for you to get to know me is to devour my blog and digest the insights, reflections, stories, films and photos that add up to this single cohesive (I hope) being. By simply telling you who I am, I leave myself open to the flaws of a subjective interpretation. I can tell you who I think I am and who I hope to be, but not about my weaknesses, or my quirks, or my tendency to get meta, or even my hypocritical indulgences, like right now, where I’m going to provide an introduction to myself anyway, because I want to, because they’re always great fun to write. 

Hi! My name is Michael Nguyen-Huynh. I am an 18-year-old Media student at RMIT with ungrateful aspirations for better things in life. I want to be a filmmaker and a writer. I believe the two are interconnected both intellectually and spiritually. To switch things up, the next sentence will not begin with a personal pronoun. Were the universe to be squeezed into the shape of an apple, and blended into a smoothie, I hope that the smoothie would taste delicious and be full of nutrients. 

I’m really interested in the idea of urban solitude, I think that theme is the creative force that drives everything I make, say, write and do.

Life is reactionary.

This is my favourite song.


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