4.1 – The Final Stretch

Beginning upon the final stretch of this studio, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to set out to investigate. I did in fact have a structure in which to pursue this investigation; I wanted to be driven by a complete sense of control and independent direction. I even had a slight idea of the scene I wanted to shoot. But there was no fuel for the engine to run. I had no clue as to what I wanted to ask myself. How was I supposed to work out the answer?

What I didn’t know, was that hiding within myself, traversing through underground tunnels of passing thought, I was in fact running on full steam.

I had set guidelines for wanted I wanted to shoot. It was to be set in a single location, the confines of Mia Zen’s bathroom, starring one (possibly two) actors, with the hopeful use of a dolly in order to explore the space of the set. While many people talk about creativity flowing under the pressure of limitations, I found it to be the exact opposite. My brain was constantly shifting, on edge, trying to piece together fragmented ideas, possible dialogue, and characters to bring to life. This was something I had to accomplish, my mind had been set upon it from early on in the semester. But I was so focused on created something perfect, technically, stylistically, even academically, that nothing I came up with was ever good enough, even if it might have been.

Now, through all of our studio sessions, during every period spent in our room on level three, I couldn’t help but be fixated by the windows outlooking Bowen Street. They were large, imposing, like frames in an art gallery. In the right light, during Melbourne’s atmospheric golden hour, 5-6PM, the whole room would be shrouded in darkness, save for the haunting blue light shining through. Were people to be placed in front of the windows, they would become absolutely entrancing silhouettes, abstracted, characterised only by their movements, shape and form.

Absolutely tired of trying to shoot something in Mia’s bathroom, I had a moment of clarity, where I finally knew what my research question was to be, and what I was to create.

This was what I was to investigate:

The world of filmmaking seems to be driven by two different streams. Those who create based on the deliberation of their brain, and those who create based on the whims of their heart. I want to make films that follow what I feel, using this as a strength, rather than an impairment.

This is what I want to create:

A single shot scene, involving a male and a female conversing in front of the windows. They will be nothing but silhouettes. I have written a screenplay, and it can be found on my blog.

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