4.1 – A Change of Plans

This is something unorthodox, and will probably elicit a disappointed fatherly frown from Paul, but I’ve been swayed by a creative outburst and I’ve changed my plan for my final investigative shoot. While this may seem completely wrong, it is exactly what I hoped for when I wrote my investigative brief. Here is a rehash of the brief, once more, for context:

Bound by technical and creative guidelines on how to approach filmmaking as a wannabe industry professional, I find my workflow stifled. Instead, I want to cast this aside and approach my filmmaking with passion, swayed by emotion, and completely incorrect. Much in the same way that Ingmar Bergman shoots a film, using his intuition, I want to shoot my scene with only an idea in my head, ‘vibing’ it out along the way.

My plans were immediately swayed while I assisted Mia as her first AD during her own investigative shoot. Shot in her kitchen, she utilised a large LED tv as a source of lighting, projecting phantasmic colours upon her actors as a source of lighting. This innovative approach to filmmaking, allowing the potential element of fantasy and surrealism, was exactly what I needed to complete my idea for a scene shot in Mia’s bathtub; it was the final piece of the puzzle.

I had also been thinking obsessively about a scene in Under the Skin, an art/horror/sci-fi film directed by Jonathan Glazer. It involves the protagonist luring one of several men into a dark void, where they are submerged in a pitch black liquid. The music set the tone for the exact atmosphere that I needed to achieve in my own scene. In making my scene, I will endeavour to produce my own musical piece to accompany the visual, akin to the music that accompanies the scene in Under the Skin.

While I was eager to shoot the scene that I talk about in a post below, which I briefly discussed with Paul, it is this scene, the screenplay of which can be found on my blog, that I finally feel completely satisfied and whole shooting.

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