The Game Plan

As we near the end of the semester, and we must start to materialise the culminations of our hard work, I’ve struggled to decide upon what I want to show for myself and my own research endeavours. Finally, I’ve worked out what I need to do. This is my game plan.

My research project centres upon the method of filmmaking reminiscent of Hitchcock and Kubrick, particularly in regards to their pre-production process, which involves intense planning and research. In short, perfectionism.

The scene I present at the end of the semester will be a product of this method of filmmaking. I will spend the preceding weeks working on the script, deciding upon every shot and storyboarding them, preparing the sets and every detail present on screen, as well as collaborating with the actors in order to attain the best possible performance. Every step of mine will be presented on my blog.

The most enjoyable part for me will be the rough copy I will produce before shooting the final polished scene. In the same way that The Karate Kid shot test footage of every scene, resulting in a very lo-fi, seemingly non-budget version of the film. I will test the practicality of my shots and storyboarding by utilising friends (non-actors) to play out the scene for my liking. This will result in me producing two scenes at the end of the semester, one a test, the other refined, detailing my process of intense planning and self-improvement.

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