Story Lab – Week 8 Reflections

Sam and I have started to consider how we might go about incorporating the very clear feedback we received from the panel during last week’s pitches.

Many of the points raised were of no great surprise.  For instance, we appreciate the need to incorporate more photos, sounds – and indeed, further transmedia engagement (i.e. videos, covert documents, etc.) in a bid to enhance the user’s engagement through a richer interface to break up the text-dominated mode of storytelling.

This may be as straightforward as incorporating stylistic photos to accompany the various slides in the story, although I’m really interested in mining the narrative for genuine ways to incorporate transmedia cum interactive elements into the experience.

Another key element we received feedback on was the tone of the project; namely, pushing the content and presentation more into iconic Noir territory.  While I would largely agree with this, my inclination is also to infuse the project with a sense of irony & humour and not make it straight-Noir, given the incongruity this might present given the very modern story of metadata collection.  On the other hand, this juxtaposition between the new (metadata) and old (noir) could work quite well; I suspect it comes down to a matter of taste, and my feeling is that a gentle sense of Noir-parody will work well to enliven the content.

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