Story Lab – Week 3 Reflections

This week everyone presented their case studies for Project Brief 1.  It was really interesting to hear the diverse range of media that had been chosen for the task – some choosing to deconstruct music, songs and albums.  It goes to show our natural tendency to read narrative across diverse media, including non-verbal form.

As for this week’s readings, I found that Jenkins’ piece provided a very digestible overview of transmedia.  Nevertheless, in practical terms, I feel a ‘take it or leave it’ approach to some of these theories about what does and does not constitute transmedia.  This is based on the fact that there seem to be a wealth of interpretations of what constitutes transmedia, and as such there is a great deal of room for subjective interpretation of what should represent a transmedia project.

Murray’s reading was also very interesting.  Meanwhile, I lost interest in Eco’s piece fairly quickly; not based on content, but on the author’s fairly verbose style.

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