‘Type 1 Error’ – Project Proposal

Post 2015. Metadata is collected on every Australian citizen to fight terrorism. To protect the people. Jump into the shoes of a journalist.  You get your first big break – you are approached by a government whistleblower who claims that a recent high profile terrorism conviction was a miscarriage of justice. The man convicted was innocent despite the overwhelming evidence in his metadata. He was present but not involved, like the thousands of other people who saw Flinders Street Station disappear.  But how could a law enacted to protect the Australian people be used to oppress them as this source suggests? Can the whistleblower be trusted or do they have a vendetta of their own? If the data doesn’t lie, who does?

You will be forced to choose on a course of action and follow your gut instincts.  Who should you believe?  Sifting through the data and documents collected will be daunting, but will it reveal the truth? The story will be explored through Twine and other digital documents.  Can you solve the mystery?

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