Project Brief 4

My final project for Another World has been quite the undertaking – almost a semester’s worth of learning and ideas have led to it. The experience I’ve had throughout the course has helped shaped the project into what it is, as well as helped me improve as a screenwriter. The most helpful part of this experience had to be the opportunity we’d been given to give and receive feedback with peers. As we were encouraged to start thinking about our ideas from the very beginning, they travelled to different people from the moment they were conceived up until the final draft, so they were in many ways a collaboration from beginning to end. This, to me, was invaluable when creating my project. Having a balance of people encouraging you when you think something may not be so good, as well as suggestions that can make your ideas tighter, helped a huge amount in the process.

One specific example that comes to mind was pushing myself to ask the question of why I chose to create an animated film after the feedback from project brief 3. This helped make the film more defined in my mind and gave me a better idea of where I was going to go. The workshops also assisted me; I enjoyed hearing what different people had to say, as it gave different perspectives which would cause me to reconsider and go over certain things again. One person told me that it was unclear that Summer was an A.I character, making a chunk of the script confusing, while another told me it was easy to understand that she was an A.I. Listening to both, I went over the script and decided what I thought was best. Although I didn’t title Summer an A.I, I went through and tidied some other parts that may have caused confusion.

Another thing that was beneficial throughout the studio was being able to read the scripts of others, and see what they were doing right to improve my own work. For example, another student that was writing something set in the future showed me his script with a huge amount of big print – the detail was fantastic and it made me go back over what I’d written to include some more big print and help set the scene. A lot of small interactions made up a shared and collective process between almost everyone in the class, benefiting each student. I can say with confidence that this is a studio that couldn’t be done through online lectures but only with face-to-face workshops, as each class brought something new to my project.

I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the assessment declaration.

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