What’s This?

Seldom do I open the letterbox to much excitement.. bill.. bill… bill… take out menu… bill… pamphlet from state member for a political party I’ll never vote for… bill… but today as I rummaged through the pile of envelopes for rental residents long vacated from this address, 4 stylised triangles arranged in a familiar sequence printed in the bottom corner caught my eyes, what’s this I see? I throw all the bills and other peoples mail on the floor, I don’t care how much I owe South East Water now, I’m too excited, are they finally here?!

Stamped in the top left hand corner “Sydney Opera House”, and through the plastic window below the confirmation of my suspicions it was addressed to me, it had to be what I was waiting for, excitement had been building for almost 8 weeks, since a wonderful long time school friend had offered me an all expenses paid trip to the Festival Of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney, for which I am so extremely grateful to said anonymous donor.  Today marked one tangibly measured step closer to the event I am totally nerding out over, when my tickets arrived…. Opening them excitement turned to panic… what’s this?

Saturday’s tickets are M.I.A… Battle stations… in all the excitement did I forget to properly book and confirm Saturday? Had there been an error processing payment? Had they sent to the wrong address? Sydney Opera House Ticketing staff, help me!!

They say patience is a virtue, if that is so I am not particularly virtuous when waiting on hold. They, whoever they might be, not to make a mountain out of a molehill, as it turns out my tickets for Saturday had been sent 2 weeks prior as a separate order, and as I paced the house on the phone questioning why they’d not arrived… What’s this? On the hall stand? 4 dusty stylised triangles caught my eye…. one of my delightful housemates had placed them on the hall stand and not told me they’d arrived, there they sat gathering a fortnights worth of dust.

The moral of the story, probably something about looking before you leap, though all I can think is, did I get confirmation of my flights yet?

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