Bad things happen in 3’s

Bad things happen in 3’s

So, I’ll be straight out honest with all of y’all here.
I lost a family member during the holidays, then travelled to the states for his funeral. On return I went a tiny bit of chops but know I’m back.

1) the death of my godfather

Not the greatest start to the semester as I missed to weeks whilst dealing with this family matter. However, it was just the start of things to come.
It’s pretty much horse shit, but bad things come in threes.
Whats number two?
Well, it’s as simple as this. I burnt down my room and nearly died in a fire with my girlfriend.

Saturday night, the doona goes brown from sitting on the heater, does not catch fire. The smell is unbearable so we decide to leave it out the window so the smell goes away. Unfortunately, and what the cfa described as “a ridiculously unlucky event”, the wind blew the feathers in my doona onto the brown burning (on the inside) part, which then climbed the shutters on my window into my room. From here the blinds got set on fire.
Believe it or not, me and my girlfriend were still asleep. My brother smelt smoke ran into my room and got my girlfriend and I up. However, I was not done, all my passports, laptop and photos where in my bedside  table draw. With that on fire I grabbed the draw running out of the house, to join my brother in putting out the flame with buckets of water.
The CFA was also called to stem the flames from catching on to any other part of the house.


So that’s number 2…

You could say I’m absolutely terrified what number three is going to be as it’s a known fact that these things just get worse, not better.

So this may be my last post, a piano or some other type of unlucky thing may happen. Divvy up all my burnt things to my friends and family.