Snow-cones aren’t for cats

Snow-cones aren’t for cats


Again, I was away for this lecture and writing of shared notes is becoming increasingly harder! In saying that here I go again, spurting dribble onto a page and hoping it makes enough sense for all of you to read (or not read).

Now the first thing that I was told is that there are no laptops in the unlecture! WHAT?!? How am I meant to keep up with all my online friends, check scores from sports that I’m only interested in because I’m at uni and also look at cute cat photos???

Tell me how I am meant to go on. I just don’t know anymore!!!!!!

The main thing I discovered from the notes was the importance to write about things that you know.
hmm…so I’m not the most interesting guy. I don’t know a whole lot of things that are going to keep you on the edge of your seat. Most of the things I do know everyone else does as well, so am I screwed? Probably, yes.

This was especially hard for me to wrap my head around. It seems like the only thing that would really interest people is what’s going through my head. Most of the time that doesn’t even interest me.
I love music, but there’s a million music blogs out there. I love movies, there’s as many of those blogs are there are music.
So is writing about what I know really going to be beneficial?
For me it feels like if I am going to write something it needs to be about the present or even the near future.
I can’t keep spooning reviews to the masses knowing that they could most likely find far better blogs about the subject matter I’m trying to get across.
This scares me, and due to that, it motivates me.
I literally have finished three reviews this week due to the fact that I want them out quickly! I need people to read them first so they at least get to see my work before they click on any of my links to pages better describing what I am trying to say.

I’m not saying that what I write is complete dribble (it seems to be the case with this assessment) but I understand that there are millions of people out there blogging, writing reviews or articles for both print and online media.
It’s hard to find an area of the market that I will neatly slide into.

However, as long as one person reads my articles and gets something out ¬†of it then I am happy. I’m not trying to be the world number one in music knowledge, but if people want to know how I feel about Daft Punks new album than i’d be happy to tell them.