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ACP 31 – Resurrection Device

Classification: Grade 1

Containment procedure:

ACP 31 poses a high threat to international stability worldwide. The item is considered high dangerous to humans both physically and mentally. All staff are advised to maintain a proximity to the object of no less than 4 meters and at all times where level 5 radioactive protection.

ACP 31 is to be kept at all time in 3 separate pieces and under no circumstance, unless authorized by all O division members, to be reassembled. When handling or examining ACP 31 opal level security procedures must be in place with no less than 2 O division members present.

Each separate device must be kept separately with no less than 10 meters of space between each other. No piece is to be placed within a proximity of 1 meter for any period longer than 30 seconds.


ACP 31 are ancient artifacts of speculated Atlantean origin. They are made of 3 separate Bismuth carved blocks and a metal of unknown classification. These three blocks also have inscriptions and markings which translated loosely label the devices as ‘medical’ or ‘revival’ devices. However their effects are more nefarious.
When assembled the three pieces form together and produces an energy signature that powers the device, this power source is radioactive in nature. The device then emits a highly-tuned frequency to it’s surroundings at an effective range of 78 meters. The signal stimulates cells of dead organic tissues within that radius and reanimates the organism. These reanimated organisms retain no memory of their time before reanimation and seek only to replenish their loss or decaying organic matter. This replenishment is done through consumption of living organic matter.

The signal also affects living humans in a variety of ways. Humans within the radius experience ‘noises’ – images and meaning without coherence, which ultimately causes the person to become paranoid and prone to constant hallucinations. These effects can be experienced even when the three pieces of ACP 31 are not combined. The signal also has the effect of influencing people to bring dead organisms to ACP 31 which then reanimates them.

Reanimated humans are able to spread their reanimation through passing of bodily fluids, usually through biting.


During the final battle of Berlin, Hitler was able to escape his bunker to [REDACTED] outside Berlin before Soviet troops enter the capital. There with the help of his Ahnenerbe SS officers, reunite the three pieces and activate the device. Hitler and his men slowly overcame to madness as the device’s affects told hold and immediately ordered his remaining soldiers to shoot themselves and become ‘immortal’. Those soldiers were then reanimated under the device’s signal.

Allied forces were initially hesitant to attack Berlin, even after the report from ACP 01 which stated the importance of the object. However once reports of reanimated Nazi troops came in an immediate search and destroy team was assembled.

Operative ‘Jones’ [REAL NAME REDACTED] and his allied force was tasked with the destruction or capture of this device before the infection spread further. The team was successful and finally executed Hitler.

This mission was the first time that ACP personal came into contact with ‘The Man’ as noted by Jones in his mission summary.