Project Brief 4- Proposal


Jack is a member of ACP – an international organisation tasked with acquiring, containing, and preserving items or objects of anomalous cause or origin. He is in charge of finding and collecting the body parts of an ancient Egyptian god, however at this stage he doesn’t know what the individual items are and he must figure this out.

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‘Jack’ [Real name classified] is a member of the A division in the ACP agency, an international organisation tasked with acquiring, containing, and preserving items or objects of anomalous cause or origin. As a member of A division, he is a front line operative that is sent to acquire these items.

During a routine mission to retrieve another item, Jack and his team are attacked by another group. He manages to fend off the attack and take one of the attackers hostage as well as acquiring the item, an arm hidden below a temple to the egyptian god Isis.

After a lengthy interrogation it is revealed that the group that attacked them is called the Church of the Broken God. They were sent to that location in order to retrieve what they believe was a piece of their ‘god’ and their goal to find the rest of him and assemble him.

After further investigation by Jack and the ACP they find that the arm has advanced technology and exotic materials. This instantly gets the attention of O division, the highest ranking members of the agency. They bar Jack and his team for further investigation.

Jack is tasked with acquiring another item by the agency, however this time him and his team are accompanied by an O division member ‘Jill” [Real name classified]. This time they are sent into Iraq at a location near [REDATED] where they find the a leg. Immediately Jill confiscates the item from Jack’s team and takes it under her protection. Jack grows more suspicious of Jill.

They returned to compound 5 at [REDACTED] where they discover that the compound has been breached by Church members looking to acquire ACP 76 – The sarcophagus. Jack and his team manage to fend off the attack however some ACP items do escape causing chaos in the facility.

Jack and Jill are forced to escape the facility before the ACP detonates it’s failsafe nuclear bomb within the compound. Jack forces Jill to explain the significance of all of these items and Jill explains that the items are related to the egyptian god Osiris.


Acquire. Contain. Preserve.

The ACP agency are a worldwide organisation that operates clandestiny and beyond state jurisdiction. They are supported and empowered by a coalition of nations with one simple goal – to acquire, contain, and preserve items/objects/phenomena of anomalous cause or origin. These anomalies can either present a threat to international security or an opportunity to advance human kind.

The goal of the agency is to maintain peace and order worldwide and human independence from extraterrestrial, extradimensional, and anomalous influence.

The ACP agency was formed during the second world war and shortly after the arrival of ACP 01 as means to counteract the Nazi’s Ahnenerbe institute. Initially tasked with protecting items from Ahnenerbe theft, their operations soon expanded when ACP 01 predicted the start of World War 2 when it presented the report of ACP 23.

ACP became a fully funded international organisation at the end of World War 2 after the ACP 31 incident and the final assassination of Hitler. During the cold war the ACP prevented the USSR and their P RD division from activating ACP 52.


Presented on a wiki page containing various reports as written up and posted by ACP. Links to the reports and other relevant information. Consists of text, images, sound recordings.