Reflection: David Lynch – The Alphabet

The visuals and sound design on this short piece was great. I’ve always been one to appreciate art (be it film or paintings) that are both dark and odd in its own ways, and I have to say that David Lynch is luminary.

What am I researching? Why am I researching it? 
I have always been a very visual sort of person, but the sound design on this piece was almost enticing. The first time I watched it was in our studio class. The second time, however, I decided to leave it playing without looking at the video. I decided to focus all my attention on the the audio. It was great, with it sounding as disturbing as it looked. I hope to further explore that as it is certainly different from the way I used to see films.

What have I learned?
I have a tendency to disregard sound design, simply for the fact that I enjoy looking rather than listening. However, this has made me realise how beautiful a film can be, and how audio and visuals are made to work together.

Where is this leading me? 
Hopefully to experimenting with different sounds when it comes to making short films. I might even want to think about something that is solely (or heavily) focused on just sound.

Possible future research directions:
How to actually produce a soundscape that is random yet meaningful. I feel like I really don’t know much about how it actually works, or how one can make it work, but it’s definitely something I’d like to really play around with.

Reference list: 
David Lynch The Alphabet, video, Matteo Pini 2014, 6 February, viewed 8 March 2016, <>.

Questions/Ideas/Topics to follow on: 
– Tips on sound design
– Different sounds for different genres

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