Week 4/ “Passion”

The craftsman mindset: what value you’re producing (“output-centric approcach”)p37
– crucial for building a career you love

The passion mindset: what value your job offers you
-focusing on what work offers you – leads to focusing what you don’t like – chronic ubhappiness

-driving qs who am I? what do i truly love? are impossible questions to confirm
– the way most of us are used to thinking about livelihood

(Hope Labour)


Jordan Tice “Here’s what I respect: creating soemthing meaningful and presenting it to the world”

an obsessive focus on the quality of what you produce is the rule [in music] Newport & Mark Casstevens
trumps appearance, commitment, personality and connections

(read passion bit)

– para from my Minor Essay “hope labour”

A conflicting view is that this self-exploitation as a result of “hope labour” (coined by media scholars Kathleen Kuehn and Thomas Corrigan to describe the idea of seeking pleasure in work and ‘doing what you love’) is also being consciously exploited by the media, arts and education industries in order to accrue cheap or free labourers (Castles 2016). All these issues form part of a greater creative debate which has generated a number of uncomfortable questions about informal media industries lacking necessary regulation and devaluing formal communications roles such as journalism. Lobato and Thomas (2015) recognise this but offer very little in terms of viable solutions. They argue that imposing regulatory systems involve formalisation which may be problematic in two ways, the first being that the result will alter the energy and dynamism people find attractive in informal creative industries and the second: a decrease in the amount of work available (Lobato & Thomas 2015 p. 86).

forget the why and notice the hpw, emulate it

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