E&M: Strategy and business side of life / week 2

‘A World Of Differences’ is the title of Global Entertainment and Media Outlook’s 2016 report. It touches on the factors which shape¬†the global industry today and highlighting instances of growth and opportunity.
The main points I’ve gathered from this report is the fact that our industry is ‘multi-shifting’ and business models and structures cannot be set for the long-term as they have in the past. The other point, emphasised by the data shown, is how diverse the media market is on a global scale. In particular: how some countries have much steeper inclinations in growth than others and the variations in factors that propel growth.

This aligns with what last week’s reading touched on about ‘4th industrial revolution’ or, the digital economy. This is information we, as students, workers and milennials have faced for some time now. Reading this report and garnering all these facts at this point in time, solidifies, for me, the economy I will continue to work in and the ways of thinking that govern it. My only criticism is that working within what Lederer and Brownlow describe as ‘multispeed makets’, where we have to constantly learn, act and adapt to thrive but still not have the long-term security a slow-media dominant industry may have offered – will harbour more anxiety. Possibly more for those who had been previously established as media professionals and now need to adjust.

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