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I recently bought this lipstick I fell in love with and my first encounter with the brand and the product was when I saw an online video that was shared on a blog I follow (which isn’t lipstick or even makeup based). This is it:

The video is directed by Rogier Jaarsma and produced by Deep Thought Productions who also create music videos, short documentaries and commercial films.

The video lasts less than 3 minutes and its soundscape consists of mostly music and very minimal diegetic sound of dripping. It contains some text in the beginning which shows the video title: ‘The Only Red is Ellis Red’, a website link at the end and also credits. The video’s objective is advertisement but it’s structure follows the conventions of a short film or music video rather than a TV commercial which wouldn’t normally last so long. This is one reason why the internet was this video’s chosen platform.

Ellis Faas herself, is esteemed for her experience in special effects makeup and for using colours and pigments based on those of the human body i.e blood. The video description on the Ellis Faas website and other sites that contain the video (Vimeo, Pinterest) is:

Ellis Red is Ellis’ signature colour: it is based on the natural colour of blood. That colour is the same in all of us, so therefore it doesn’t clash with anyone’s skin.‘ (

This is what the video title ‘The Only Red is Ellis Red’ is referring to as it is a shade that will suit any wearer. This background information is also exemplified in the video’s aesthetic; there are shots where people look as though they are covered in blood and also close up of the lipstick’s blood-like texture and colour.

Ellis Faas is based in New York, Milan and Paris but the brand is international. European influence is very obvious in the video by the music and even the video’s choice of creators, who, like Faas also originate from Amsterdam. The market is international which I would think is why these videos are used online and promote the website rather than stores and retailers. Online, the ability to share this video is an effective means of reaching viewers who wouldn’t leave the screen like an audience would with TV commercials and by providing a direct link to the store/site. I first saw this video on Tumblr a blogging platform that has no official affiliations with Ellis Faas or their retailers.

This video was first posted 2 months ago and is one of many that Ellis Faas have uploaded on their own channels on a number of different  video streaming sites such as Youtube and Vimeo. Their range include similar artistic promo videos, interviews and even tutorials. This way people (like myself) are able to personally engage more with the brand by seeing this same product in a tutorial at Paris Fashion Week and the artistic outcomes of using the product in photography and videos. I can 100% testify this because it worked on me..

Ellis Faas website

Ellis Faas on Vimeo

Ellis Faas on Youtube

Deep Thought Productions


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