Korsakow clips have become even more of a total failure.

The audio just isn’t working for me. I’m going to have to film again and I’m using up all of my friends.

I’ve had such good answers as well and I’m just ruining them!

Week 9 Class and Organisation

Organisation of our Korsakow project.

We’re really on track with our Korsakow project. We each have given tasks, so this week outside of class we will each conduct 5 different interviews, each consisting of 4 questions. That gives up 60 clips in total. We decided to shoot on our phones, horizontally, and all will be framed the same way.

Then by next week’s class we will have a draft put together to show in class. Then we will work more on the interface design and key words of the Korsakow during that week.

The week after that we will work on the essay. We have already decided that we will each write 600 words on a different topic. I will be covering the content of the piece.

We have all this information tracked in a Gant chart.DSC_4813