Women in Media, what’s new this week (5)

As I am in the video group, along with Sarah and Matt and our group leader Mollie, we have come up with the concept for our promotional video and have set up a time and roles for the day. As I am a videographer in my work outside of uni, I will be DoP for the film, and I’ll also be bringing in a camera, tripod and recording equipment for the day. We’ve planned the structure of the film and decided that as our MC, Prani will star in it. We will shoot the film on the Friday of week 6, and Sarah and I will edit the film. I have also contributed to the social media page, where we are discussing content. This week has mostly been contributing ideas for discussion and making decisions with the group, but with the video and with social media, the two aspects of promotion that I will be helping with, we have had a productive week.