Women in Media, Week 5

This week I contributed by:

  • Suggesting that we divide our to-do list into sections and a group to each one

We were getting dogged down in the decision making process as it was so hard for everyone to meet regularly to discuss our option and the Facebook page often left people out. I suggested this move so that the different groups could make proposals to the whole group, to be approved, to get things moving a bit quicker as we have only three weeks to go.

  • Signed up to be a part of the social media group

The social media group will be in charge of the Facebook and Twitter pages, and Instagram content. We are currently doing research to find information on our guests that we can use to promote the event and have started throwing out ideas for content so that we can get those pages started straight away.

  • Volunteered to be in the video group with one other person

As a videographer with professional equipment it makes sense for me to volunteer for this position, where along with Sarah we will be in charge of creating the vide promo, intro to the seminar (if the group decides we need one) and recording the seminar.

  • Began brainstorming for the video promo