From Mr Adrian Miles himself

The other reading for our Networked Media class was on the benefits of blogging in media education (link here).

This reading is, of course, a little more relevant to our media course than the one I blogged about in the previous post. It is after all the explanation as to why the students in my Networked Media class are all writing blogs so closely interlocked with what we study in class.

I do definitely see the value in keeping an academic blog, the use of which Adrian Miles really pushes for in the piece. Even if no one else reads it, it is a great resource for I alone; particularly with tagging and categorising, the blogging community, the ability to create different media content and make use of the other technical aspects of blogging.

My issue with it is exactly as was pointed out in the reading,

“…even with the best of intentions if the use of the blog is not strongly integrated into the learning and assessable outcomes of a subject then students will, deservedly, recognise that it simply isn’t worth their while and will treat it as a rote activity.” (Miles, p2)

I need to know that I’m utilising the blog to my greatest advantage, and to do that takes more effort than I might sub-conciously be willing to give to such a new and long term tool. Long term in that the profits of blog use would be long term rather than short term rewards, which makes habits so much easier to stick to.

This is my blog, my academic blog and not my personal blog. It seems wrong to separate the two and I’d prefer not to, but I have to. I’ll link my other blogs in my blogroll later today.

I hope to use this blog in particular to my fullest advantage for learning. Not just learning the things we cover in Networked Media, but also things that I want to learn for myself. I’ll use it in the ways that we discussed in the workshop and as Adrian Miles discusses in the reading for this week.

My other concern with this is that I keep forgetting that it is public. I feel as if I’m writing to myself and so I’m writing as if I am. I forget that there is an audience, even if it’s an audience of one they don’t want to read something that sounds like my journal.

Or perhaps that’s just my style of writing?

It’s 1am, I’ll find out tomorrow.

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