’40 Degree Shutter’

I’ve finally finished my final project for On the Frame. But I must say something first before anyone tells me that they don’t get it or asks me what it was about. My project is an experimental video that focuses on the aspect of movement within the frame, and of the frame. The video contains various movements within the frame; cars, trams, soccer balls, trees moving, and flags; and the movements of the frame. I didn’t want to restrict my project to just a bunch of montage videos, and so I came up with a simple subject matter, my mate Daniel, who I recorded while he displays his soccer skills. The way I edited the video was deliberate in a way that I would put the video of him juggling the soccer ball and put it next to a video of a fountain, mirroring the movement of the ball going up and down in the air, to the movement of the water going up and down the fountain. All these shots are deliberately placed together side by side to mirror each other’s movements.


1 4 3 2



Each shot is either in black and white or in colour. The colour represents my subject matter, and the black and white represents the montage videos which mirrors the movements of the subject matter. It’s an experimental video because it has no narrative, but at the same time, I didn’t want my final project to solely be restricted on random videos, that’s why I put a subject matter in there as to create some sort of meaning or importance.

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