Week 9-Audience

This week Brian led a lectorial based on Audiences, starting with the question who cares about audience?

Not only in the creative industry but in other professions too, such as

  • advertisers
  • commercial broadcasters
  • production houses
  • government policy makers
  • psychologists
  • cultural theorists

Audiences and the way they receive media texts have influenced the production, distribution and consumption of network broadcasting for many years.

Ideas of Mass Culture and Mass Audiences

  • “real life becoming indistinguishable from the movies” Ardorno and M. Horkheimer The Culture Industry 1963
  • “only ways of seeing people as masses…..” Williams, Culture and Society 1963

Theorizing the Active Audience

  • a reception studies tradition in media studies has focused on audiences and how they read/make sense of texts
  • Interpellation; the process by which individuals are ‘hailed’, in other words prompted by a text to recognize their self as being a subject that belongs in a role – Louis Althusser (1918-1990)


Madison langridge, 18 years, interested in photography and film

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