WEEK 5 – epiphany #5

I really enjoyed today’s class. I finally directed. It was one short – but we had a great amount of time for trial and error. We used the camera hand held to work out the spot – and we changed it multiple times because we didn’t like the set up.

I really like doing these exercises in class – and I don’t want to stop doing them. I think they are really fun. I also learn a lot about the process – and directing is actually really fun. I like working with people and trying lots of different things. Such as different camera angles, different positions and working with the actors.

Watching how they move on the camera – how certain people take direction.

But what really intimidated/ excited me was all the actors that were keen to be a part of our scenes. Knowing the brief and the large amount of them there were – it shook me a little bit. But in the best possible way. It made me really keen to create a scene. Now I am really excited.