Fluid. That word popped into my head.

Something that flows – something that has an entwining, linking movement. Not particularly the people in the frame, not even way the camera moves – just the way it comes together. Something light (?), something that looks effortless. I want it to be understood – but in a way thats easy (?). I want it to be a scene that someone wants to rematch over and over. I think that would be a dream. Well sort of. Something re-watched because of it’s effortless beauty (??).

There are some films that I watch over and over for ‘dead’ (hearing but not listening) entertainment. Something that makes me feel better and stops me worrying about external problems. There are some films I watch because the film is so genius (to me anyway).

I like to analyse films – I always have and probably always will. I also like to point out their flaws. I like to predict the ending and be proven wrong – and sometimes be proven right. Because when it’s right I know that the film maker has done something right. But that can work in both ways. I wouldn’t be able to define a good film – because different films for me serve different purposes. Whether that is to be challenged, entertained and/or totally engulfed.