WEEK 3 – epiphany #3

This week (although I missed Wednesday) was really fun.

The more this course moves along – the more I enjoy it. I sense that some students are getting edgy that we have a lot of control. A lot of people want the best marks and to create the best things that they possibly can (maybe…) – we are so use to sticking to a criteria / set tasks. I like that we have the control. I like that this is experimental and that we are outside a set amount of tasks. It makes me feel like an adult… It makes me feel more in control of what I am learning and what I am capable of doing. I do understand that people are feeling confused and wondering how they are going to get their marks – but I think we need to learn to enjoy the process rather than the final result. I have complete trust in my tute – I feel like I am in a room of some very talented people. So it’s exciting for me to learn how they think, how they feel about exercises and how they react to being pushed creatively. I find it all very interesting.

The Friday class was great – the exercise we had to do really put the pressure on. We were forced quickly to work with people we didn’t know well and allow them to direct us. I unfortunately wasn’t able to direct a scene (as we ran out of time) – but watching other people think on their feet was interesting. Some people handled it well – some people wanted to make an abstract shot (or a well thought out shot) and others wanted to just get the shot done.


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