REFLECTION #4 – Lighting

Question 7

  1. Please outline some points that you took away from the Lighting Lecture. Points that excite you, something that was completely new to you, perplexes you or even one you take issue with.

    Lighting is so essential to the production and the film. Lighting it something that HAS to be thought about. I have always felt I don’t have enough knowledge on lighting than I should. I find it so complex and hard to get it perfect – and even keep the same tonal light in each scene. Not having the same light can really break up a film take away from the realism.

    I would really love to work on it more. Because I do find it hard – but what I find most difficult is how you can’t particularly ‘pre-plan’ the lighting, because you never know what you are going to expect on the day. But I feel if you have a general knowledge of what to do, and plan the look that you want, then it can be made easy. It’s up to personal choice and preference – but it must not take away from the film.


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