Sketch Film – Technical

I found this one of the most frustrating thing to ever do.

Making it was interesting and somewhat easy – once you get use to what your doing and know the basics. The technical terms like snu, had me confused. Interfaces, pattern and content… more terms which I thought one was another and all were each other. But I read up on these things, and started getting use to them and realising that they were actually somewhat easy.

It was the EXPORTING that had me frustrated.
I can’t even explain how annoying this was. I did it wrong I think about 4 times in a row. I missed a step in notes, so it was all my fault, and it’s partly because I am horrible at understanding these types of things. But I had one of my friends to help me and it was all sorted.

All in all, I think it was a pretty good experience and Korsakow is a really interesting way to communicate.