For this week’s reflection rather than reflect on class I decided to look into one of the cinematographers that is inspiring my group for our upcoming film project, Natasha Braier the cinematographer responsible for the beautiful neon light in Neon Demon.┬áNatasha not only creates beautiful images utilising neon light but she also creates beautiful images utilising daylight and ambient light as can be seen below.


Ambient Light:

Neon Light:

I decided to look at another one of Natasha Braier’s films The Rover (2014), to see how she utilises natural light, as it was largely filmed in the Australian outback rather than the neon-lights of LA.

The Outback – Daylight:

Car Scenes – Daylight:

Interior Scenes – Ambient Daylight:

Interior Scenes – Ambient Practical Lights at Night:

Exterior Scenes – Ambient Practical Lights at Night:

Until next time,

Louise Wilson