This week we discussed what the social media strategy would be for our artist portraits. As a class Louise divided us into two groups: one would work on the final presentation of our artist portraits to the other studios, whilst the other group would work on a social media strategy for the artist portraits. I ended up going with the social media strategy group, which is quite exciting because I’m interested in getting some insight into how people promote their own work.


We eventually decided that we would create a Facebook page and an Instagram page called ‘Exhibit A’ to exhibit our artist portraits, as well as accompanying photos and artist’s biographies that we’d come up with. Our group decided to get everyone in the class to upload at least three publicity photos to the google drive, as well as a short biography on their artist. We then decided to use these photos by uploading them to our Facebook and Instagram pages. We decided to use excerpts from the artist’s bio’s or from the artist’s portraits themselves to match with the publicity photos. I think it is such a great idea to manage the social media for the artist portraits collectively as it allows us to have a wider audience and build up a greater amount of momentum.


Catch you later,

Louise Alice Wilson