Editing has been going well, I’ve managed to pick out what footage I want to use for the three-minute narrative. Now I’ve begun colouring the piece with various associated footage that myself and Riah shot at Claire’s studio. Originally when we shot at Claire’s studio I felt like we had shot A LOT of footage, almost too much if anything. As I go through my piece and begin colouring shots in, I realised that I’ve used almost every shot that we got, so I glad that we shot the amount that what we did. I’ve tried to match the shots of Claire, her studio and her works with the statements that Claire is making throughout the piece. As Claire speaks of the influence of Climate Change on her works I’ve used shots of her paintings that reference this topic. Or as Claire speaks about working on new projects I show shots of her painting or moving around her studio. It’s really enjoyable to be able to use footage to bring Claire’s story to life and to allow the viewer to literally see what Claire is speaking of or referencing.


Originally I intended to get my partner Chris Frangou, to write a piece of music specifically for Claire’s artist portrait, but his intense tour schedule is making it almost impossible for Chris to have enough time to write any new pieces of music. I have however managed to find a really nice piece of music, that I think fits in with Claire’s artist portrait. It’s called ‘Weird World’ and it was created by ‘Colored Mind’, who provides the track free of charge, for public domain via their Sound Cloud. So far it’s coming along really well, I’m looking forward to watching the entire finished piece.


Catch you later,

Louise Alice Wilson