I’m not sure how, but it seems that I’m trapped on the 86 tram line. (Which sounds especially bad, post the release of The Bedroom Philosopher’s – Northcote (So Hungover).

Since moving to Thornbury everything I do generally relates to that perpendicular line of tram tracks leading into the city. I work along the 86 (Collingwood), I eat along the 86 (Bang Bang, Moors Head, Seoul Soul, Trippy Taco etc.), I drink along the 86 (Joe’s Shoe Store, The Grace Darling, The Gasometer, 303), I go to house parties along the 86 and I do just about everything else along there, I’m even writing this blog post along there.

Maybe it’s because I’m a poor uni student and I catch public transport everywhere? Maybe I’ve found some great places and feel no need to change? Maybe it’s because all my friends are along the 86 also? Maybe I’m lazy? or maybe the 86 is just great? Who knows. But long story cut short, this is why when I found out that for my capturing creativity studio I would be paired up with an artist from Gertrude St Contemporary I was like ‘oh shit, the 86 wins again’.

Gertrude St Contemporary is one of those places that I’ve seen literally THOUSANDS OF TIMES (that’s how much I catch the 86), but i’m ashamed to say I’ve never been inside. The 86 does that to you, you feel like you know a place because you’ve seen it so much, but you’ve never actually been there. So it’s safe to say that I’m pretty excited for my first visit.

Catch you later,
Louise Alice Wilson