“Sometimes I prefer to drift off into la-la-louise-land”.

Within this weeks workshop we had to present our ‘work thus far’ on our Project Brief 4, which essentially is a summation of the resources found and used within our annotated bibliographies. I thought this was a pretty brilliant way to engage the class with other students ideas and topics.

As we went around the room, one group presenting after the next, we learnt of each persons individual influences as well as the direction of the upcoming audio and video essays. After each group presented, each group listening had to ask at least one question. By the time we got to the group whose topic involved video game play, I couldn’t think of a question, but instead thought of  a statement: Have you looked into how video game platforms have come to shape other platforms such as Zomato or Urban Outfitters, by copying their model used to encourage audience interactivity and engagement? I was really interesting in their topic and I wanted to know more, I wanted to add to their project. I really like this process; coming together as a group, discussing each others ideas, being told about influences and influencing each others back. I think it fits perfectly within this new mode of Media Studies 2.0 as well as new conceptualisations of ‘audiences’ and audience engagement.

By the time it was our turn to speak I was so into it, when I finally spoke I was like “blah, blah, blah” and “this author said this, and pointed out this connection, which is crazy because.. and I never had any idea it was so serious”.. I answered every question thrown at me, like I was desperate to inform ALL to inform EVERYONE as deeply as I could about our topic. I kinda realised on reflection that I’m really into this.. and I’m really into sharing, which is pretty cool cause sometimes I prefer to drift off into la-la-louise-land.

This was only heightened by my group members strong engagement with the topic, adding just as much material as I did to the conversation and probably even more, answering questions in depth and covering issues i’d missed. Sometimes things just work and I’m glad that with something as stressful as your final project for one of your main courses, that I feel this engaged, heres hoping this continues.. haha.

Catch you later,

Louise Alice Wilson