Last week we were put into groups for our Media 1 final assignment: Project Brief 4, and I must say my group is pretty damn good.

Within the first couple of days after being put into our group we had already decided what our assignments would focus on. Via Facebook chat Camilla linked us a video essay about representation of women in Disney princess films and it only took myself and Holly the five minutes it took to watch the video to realise that this was something we really like to delve into.

This has been especially helpful considering that next week our annotated bibliography is due. I know a lot of groups are using the annotated bibliography as an ‘exploration phase’ but having decided on our topic, this enables us to find really great articles, that are specific to our area of interest, that we hope to utilise within our video and audio essays.

Currently in the workshop we’re all working on finding great articles, we already have about 10 linked in our google drive, as well as a bunch of ‘cool resources’ that we deem relevant to our topic. I’m pretty excited to go forth and delve into the Disney princess franchise, from the articles I’ve read so far there’s a lot to discuss. I’m also someone that never grew up watching much Disney, especially the Disney princess films, I spent more time skateboarding with my twin brother and eating mud. So it’s interesting to read about and see the effect these films have had on the children, who grew up on a steady diet of Disney films and the way that has effected their understandings of gender.


Catch you later,

Louise Alice Wilson