All this talk about collaborating had me confident in my ability to work well in a group, but having been put into three groups, for three separate units, for three separate assignments is definitely challenging my Vanilla Ice ability.

So far I am in a group of three for my Media 1 assignment,  a group of five for my Pop Culture assignment and another group of three for my Cinema Studies assignment. For the Media 1 assignment we have to complete a video essay and an audio essay, for Pop Culture it’s a 25 minute speech on superheroes and for Cinema studies its a 40 minute presentation on A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night.

To keep you informed, my dear reader, about my life (which I know you find endlessly interesting) here’s a list of the problems I’ve encountered so far:

  1. Balancing everyones schedule: Trying to balance my schedule with 2 other people is hard. Trying to balance my schedule with 8 other people is extremely difficult. One person can’t do one day, another person can’t do another, this group is only available at this time on this day, which is exactly the same time as the other group is available, it’s pretty intense.
  2. Dealing with different vibes: Everyone has a different way of working, everyone has a different aesthetic and everyone has something else they want to bring to the table. Balancing this is difficult, sometimes peoples ideas completely clash, sometimes people feel an idea very strongly, but find it hard to explain said idea and sometimes people just straight up don’t like an idea.
  3. Editing someones work: This has been and I think always will be somewhat awkward. Someone writes something out, you change it up, they liked it better before, the other three of you like it better now, you know what I’m talking bout right?
  4. Broken commitments: You spend 3 hours organising your schedule with all your groups, you finally agree on a time to do something, and someone just doesn’t rock up. DAMN THAT SUCKS, but you deal, ya know.

I think I’ll be able to give you an update on how we progress, but it’s not all negative ya know. Maybe my next post can be all about ‘the good vibes of group collab’, what do you think?


Catch you later,

Louise Alice Wilson