Haiku’s by nature create art through the fusion of dissimilar themes. I wanted to show that urban spaces do this to. People often see urban spaces as ugly, disparate, concrete spaces. So within my Haiku video I decided to focus on the vivid; colour, beauty and art inherent in urban spaces.

My Haiku video consists of a string of fifteen shots, each lasting for just under two seconds. The transition of each shot is in sync with beat two in the music, which is highlighted sonically by the snare drum. Every time you hear the crash of the snare, the shot transitions to a new image of urban beauty. Each of the shots focusses on a specific element whether that be the interplay of colours, compositional complexity or unintentional art.

The haiku itself is presented through on screen text reading:

Urban sprawl invites us
Colour breathes life into space
Beauty inherently lies

HAIKU from Louise Alice Wilson on Vimeo.

This project was extremely interesting and rewarding as it allowed me to further explore the notion of beauty in the everyday or beauty in the most unassuming places. I now feel slightly more comfortable with Adobe Premiere Pro, however it’s still a bit quirky, so I look forward to using it more in the future. Getting used to the notion of becoming a regular media maker is hard, but also extremely rewarding, I feel that my mind is more on the lookout for possible things to film, or possible new projects, due to this constant engagement with creative activities. So I wonder what my next project will be…

Catch you later, Louise Alice Wilson