It’s ablogout time. Get it?

I thought it was funny.

Anyways. So the time has come for us to fully sink our teeth into this whole blogging thing. As you can see I’ve set up my blog, I’ve done a few posts, but whats missing? You guessed it, customisation. So as part of the week one workshop I set about customising this baby with a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, otherwise known as a blog audit form.

I mastered the ‘simple things’, like logging in, checking url’s and posting entries  pretty quickly. ‘Defaults’ was also super simple, like changing time zones and resetting the password. The challenge began at ‘writing outwards’ and ‘beginning to weave’, when I was asked to create blog roll links or embed videos and photos, though this was overcome relatively quickly through a bit of tinkering around. Making it mine was when the fun began, adjusting templates, modifying colours and texts and inserting a background photo.

I went pretty clean and minimal, black boxes, white text, blurred but slightly colourful background with adequate negative space, simplistic catchy title and a white backing screen. Having a clean palette, I feel, allows you to be a bit more wacko when you want to be, and I like being wacko, so I’m going with that.

Catch you later, Louise Alice Wilson