Week 8 Symposium Notes

  • Video Games as hypertext
  • Hypertext Narrative is not the same as Interactive Narrative
  • Games are not about story telling eg. Tetris
  • You cannot win a story
  • No consecutiveness
  • Link to what is required to understand argument
  • Family trees- hierarchical
  • ‘Intertwingled’
  • Keyboard- layout to slow down typists
  • Unchanged for 140-150 years
  • Hyper textual mode of reading- jump around, read other things mid-essay etc
  • Hypertext is cinematic
  • Nodes= film shots
  • Meaning is outside the shot, it is relational
  • All parts and relations between the parts
  • Long Tail
  • Excluding content that you are not interested in eg. Facebook feed
  • How taste cultures form
  • Determined by markers of your identity + self driven stuff eg lifestyle choices
  • How clusters form in networks
  • Ways around recommendation hierarchies
  • Democratization of tastes
  • Power to make judgements
  • Equal access?
  • Facebook driven by advertising recommendations, selling ad spaces
  • Facebook= ‘social media disaster’
  • Different from Amazon
  • Page rank on Google- how many links come into your content
  • Important to link to each others’ content
  • Scale-free networks do not have centre eg. Internet
  • Appears to be built randomly, but has a structure

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