Notes On the Un-Lecture

What I found most interesting during this week’s symposium was surprisingly not a key idea at all but a passing comment that has just stuck with me. Employees of Google (Googlers) get one day a week to speculate, think, do whatever they want to come up with new ideas. SO LOGICAL.Thinking about a workplace like Google is fascinating because the world’s brightest and most creative would be there and so giving them a day for themselves to come up with their own designs or speculations is going to be the best way for Google to advance.

This then took me to speculate what it would be like to work at Google. I have only heard good things.

The film The Internship portrays the Google headquarters as workplace heaven, with slides, segways, free food and coffee on all levels, even futuristic style capsule beds so employees can sleep at work.

This then also lead me to speculate on what it could be like to work at Google in the future. It can only really get better until the eventual demise of Google. I can’t imagine how it could possibly get any better.

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