From this week’s un-lecture, I found interesting Adrian’s comment on how some of us will find that our strengths are challenged in this course, minus the “scaffolding” of VCE. I find this to be 100% true for myself.

I am good at studying and exams and essays, this is what I am used to, however I think that being forced to step out of my comfort zone is a good thing as it replicates experiences that we will have outside the education world.

At the moment I have been looking for a new job and this requires me doing some things that are uncomfortable such as answering difficult questions in interviews and proving my skills. This I find is a step outside of what I am used to.

I find that in high school, especially attending a private school, we are very sheltered and almost spoon-fed in a sense, and in contrast university is a very independent place. From the first lecture at university, I knew I was going to have to alter my preconceptions of how learning should be undertaken. I have found that this subject has forced me to do so once again.

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