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Thanks to Network Media, seemingly, we have all been invited on a trip – an adventure out to sea. I’m curious though; are we all sharing this adventure? Are we, the cohort of media students pushing off together? Or, are  we each being boarded onto our own separate vessels, with our own separate oceans and spaces to eventually (I assume) become wholly familiar? I can’t quite work it out. The broadness is far too daunting.

Perhaps it is possible that we have entered into a journey not unlike the titanic. Where a major event, an assessment, anything, will see us shot off in different directions ready (possibly) to explore different realities of life, of death and of the deepest depths of the ever growing ‘big blue’. Maybe then, the very idea of networked Media is to get lost. Become absolutely immersed in this sea, however symbolic its existence may be, that surrounds us.

I suppose we all get lost sometimes, probably a metaphorical ocean of thought, ideas – made entirely literal by internet access – would be best place to do it.