Brainstorm/Poster that I never did/Ideas

Wednesday morning (apart from the the fact that I was running late) I walked into class to find everyone else sitting around in a meeting circle discussing the ideas they wanted to present for signal. Robbie then recommended for us all to make a giant poster on what we wanted to present so we had a visual representation.

HOWEVER, I had an event on later that night that stretched into the next day, which meant that I didn’t really have time to complete it… oops… (Sorry Robbie), but I did have a solid idea on what I wanted to do.

I was torn between the original idea, and then another idea on a human body being trapped and compressed behind the screen/glass, I wanted the people in the video to be banging and on the glass like they were attempting to escape. However the only issue was actually figuring out how I was going to execute a video like that. Hopefully they’ll be a simple way when the times comes.