First Day at Signal!!

So the class all met up in Signal for the first time to begin some brainstorming ideas on what we wanted to do and how the whole system worked. Which was rather complicated and so we had to have some guys ask around and get back to us on the whole thing.

We all sat down and just talked about the possibilities we could explore with the resources that signal provided. This was my first time having a proper look at signal and the type of media entertainment it provides to the public as well as its history. I thought that it was rather to use projectors and special glass to showcase different types of imagery and sound.

Robbie talked about previous types of videos that were created and how many different ways that this type of equipment can be used.

Whilst this week was only the beginning, we were told to start brainstorming ideas on what we wanted to achieve, after some discussion I was hit with the idea of “a world within a world”. Thinking about the tale of “Alice in Wonderland” where Alice fell into a fantasy land, a small world within a hole.

I enjoyed the idea of the people being filmed interacting with the camera and pressing up against the lenses/screen. However I’m still unsure on whether or not I should do a timeline of Alice in Wonderland theme.

Project 3 – Feedback and 2nd Draft???????

SOOOO, today we presented our -what we thought to be – final video for our documentary. Many like Rose, Rob and I had some technically issues with software and equipment over the weekend but in the end we all pulled through and were able to present. We gained some pointers for our video, like adjusting the sound more, everyone wanting to see more artwork and maybe less footage of hands/feet, and just adding a shot of the container Vas had been working in and setting the scene a little more. He spoke to everyone about how their works were more likely a draft then a final and expressed how there are many issues and complications that can arise when working on an assignment but we all cracked on and made it!! Which was great! And I was glad that we weren’t the only who had difficulties with transporting files and footage which was comforting  – not that I wanted others to fail, just knowing that I wasn’t the only one awake until 1am on Sunday night was sentimental thought.

Then… GOOD NEWS: Robbie offered us another chance, we given the opportunity to re-edit our videos with the feedback we had received and then present/submit them once again!!~~ Which I personally think would be awesome and give some people more time, because all of us have many comfortable areas, but at the same time many blind spots too. While I prefer to edit footage, I have limited to no knowledge of how to use a DSLR, whereas I know for another group they had struggled to really edit and complete their video. So this gives everyone another chance to polish their videos up which would be awesome!! I can’t wait to see if this will actually happen!!